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This is a joint event sponsored by the SSCA, CPOA and TOSS. To sign up for any event, visit the SSCA Website or click here
There is a kickoff Party on Saturday, April 20th at the Hillcrest Beach Access. Learn more about other community organizations, enjoy a brunch and register to win cool prizes. Each day has a special focus:
Saturday, April 20th - Beach Crossovers Cleanup - 9am-12pm
Sunday, April 21st - Focus on Parks - 1-5pm (includes Trinitie Park!)
Monday, April 22nd - SSCA Tennis Courts & Marinas (9am - 12pm)
Note - you do not have to be an SSCA member to sign up or participate at any of the events.
For Chicahauk members, we have expanded the activities on Sunday afternoon at Trinitie Park. In addition to general cleanup, we plan to tackle the projects below. If you are interested in working on a particular project or have tools that might help, please let Carolyn Hoover know (see below for email.) Otherwise just sign up on the SSCA site and show up!
Trinitie Park Projects (scroll down or search for the Sunday events to sign up)
  • General pickup and trimming of greenery around the perimeter of the park. Need clippers and lopers and other trimming equipment.
  • Playground Cleanup - Even out the mulch under the swings and rake up large/sharp pieces of mulch in the playground area. Need rakes and perhaps a shovel.
  • Playground Enclosure Repair - The wooden part of the playground enclosure has some nails/screws that have popped up; these need to be reset with a drill or hammer as appropriate. Just a few. Just needs the right tool.
  • Wooden bench repair - there is a bench pushed against the tennis court fence and needs to be reset in a stable location at a proper level (the base was previously buried in the playground mulch). There are exposed nails and it is in need of general repair and sanding; at the least it could be relocated next to the maintenance shed and the nails removed. 
  • The Port-a-John Enclosure needs to be stabilized. Nails are loose where the paneling sections are attached to each other. Nails and screws and hammers/screwdrivers.
  • Plant Trimming - next to the tennis court and playground path need to be trimmed back (includes agave plants.)  Need lopers and other trimming tools.
  • Planting areas around Park signs and in front of tennis courts - Lantanas in first area need trimmed and other areas need deadwood removed and dead plants removed. Trimming of agave plants in bed near the entrance. 
  • Mulch - Trees and some plants need mulch to retain moisture and protect plant roots. Bags of mulch to be provided by CPOA. Shovels, rakes to do the work.
If you have any questions, please email Carolyn Hoover @
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Special Notice:
There is a vacancy in the CPOA Board of Directors due to a resignation.
CPOA Members in Good Standing can submit a Bio by April 19th at 5pm to be considered for this open position. Per the Bylaws, this term shall run until the next Annual Meeting in March 2025.
Bios should contain the following information:
  • Name, Email Address, Contact Telephone No. & Chicahauk Address
  • Length of full-time residency in Chicahuak
  • Current/Previous Career Summary
  • Why would you like to serve on the CPOA Board?
  • Describe area(s) of expertise, experience and/or employment that would contribute to a role on the CPOA Board. Please look at the Bylaws to identify the Board positions to consider applicable roles.
  • Note any experience on associations, societies or volunteer boards.
  • Can you commit to attend monthly CPOA Board meeting and respond to email communications on a timely basis between meetings to expedite CPOA business?
Contact Carolyn Hoover ( with any questions or to submit your Bio for consideration.