About Us
Chicahauk is a thriving community that consists of 555 developed and undeveloped properties in the Coastal Dunes and Maritime Forest within the town of Southern Shores, North Carolina.  The community also has considerable open space consisting of parks, pathways, a preservation area, a small parking lot, and a series of canals which lead to the Currituck Sound.  Trinitie Park is the home to a Pavilion, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Bocce Court, Pergola, Softball/Soccer field, shaded picnic area, and children's play area.  Poteskeet Park is a shaded property along the canal with benches.  The pathways connect streets and areas of the community as well as provide walking pathways to beach access points.
The Mission of the Chicahauk Property Owners Association is to preserve the natural beauty and allure of our wonderful residential community. To that end, the Association shall:

· Perpetually protect, hold, maintain, regulate and improve the common properties belonging to the Association;
· Provide, maintain and operate safe and easily-accessible facilities for the recreation, pleasure and benefit of Association members;
· Administer and enforce the Protective Covenants applicable to all properties located within Chicahauk for preserving the architecture, the appearance, and the      health, welfare and safety of the community; and
· Keep the members of the Association informed of local issues affecting Chicahauk and the Town of Southern Shores.