Trinitie Park is the home to a pavilion, basketball court, tennis court, bocce court, pergola, softball/soccer field, shaded picnic area, and children's play area. The pavilion can be reserved for events by contacting the CPOA office. Guidelines for use of the pavilion can be referenced here. Keys to the tennis courts can be requested by members from the CPOA Office and Rules for the Chicahauk Tennis Courts govern the use of these courts.
Poteskeet Park is a shaded property along the canal with benches and a kayak dock.
In addition to limited parking along Poteskeet Trail for Poteskeet Park access and a parking lot at Trinitie Park, there is also a small parking lot near the the front entrance to Chicahauk just off of Ocean Blvd for use by Chicahauk residents and their guests.
Chicahauk yearly parking passes are provided to homeowners as part of dues payment confirmation and should be used at all Chicahauk parking lots. The other lot at Chicahauk and Ocean Blvd (Rt12) is a Town of Southern Shores lot and parking passes to that lot can be obtained at the town offices at no charge to Chicahauk homeowners. SSCA member passes are only valid at SSCA lots such as Hillcrest and Triangle Parks. 
Pathways connect streets and areas of the community as well as to beach access points. Please note that motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the CPOA beach access paths, bike trails, and common area paths. Motorized vehicles include electric or gasoline-powered golf carts, bicycles not using the "pedal" option and scooters.
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2023 Chicahauk Map