Building Application
Your application must include:   
  1. A lot disturbance plan.  This plan is to indicate:  what vegetation is to be kept, what changes to the topography of the lot are to occur, and how any disturbed vegetative or topographical areas are to be restabilized or repaired.
  2. A site plan is to be attached to each set of house plans that:
    a. Is based on a legal survey
    b. Is drawn to scale, and
    c. Shows building location, setback lines, driveway with turnaround area, walkways, septic tank and field, fences, bulkheads, screening structures, pools,      vegetation to be kept, etc.
  3. One (1) full set of plans showing the house/garage/addition/outbuilding/pool/etc., as it is actually to be built.  Mirror images, reverse plans or plans with red or penciled-in changes will not be accepted.  The plans must include:
    a. Elevation views of all sides of the structure, including decks and railings.
    b. Building dimensions.
  4. A description of exterior siding, roof and trim materials, including samples of colors.  Descriptions and heights of accessory structures (e.g., fences and bulkheads) must also be provided.
  1. Failure to provide a complete application will result in a delay of the ARB review of the plans submitted.
  2. There is no need to submit an application for repainting or re-shingling IF the same color paint or shingles is to be used.
  3. Corners of the proposed structure must be rough staked prior to submitting plans to the ARB.
  4. Any changes made subsequent to ARB approval must be resubmitted for ARB approval.
  5. ARB meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Applications should be placed in the Chicahauk ARB box at the PITTS Center by noon on the Friday prior to the next scheduled ARB meeting. 
  6. Both the Chicahauk ARB and the Southern Shores Building Inspector’s Office review many of the same things.  However, approval by either one does not automatically mean approval by the other.
  7. The Chicahauk protective covenants (Article III, Section 9) state that “No existing vegetation or sand dunes shall be disturbed, removed or destroyed during construction without the express written consent of  the CPOA [Chicahauk Property Owners Association] and CPOA shall require proposals for the restabilization of any such disturbed area.  Any vegetation disturbed, removed or destroyed during construction shall be repaired or replaced to the satisfaction of CPOA.”  CPOA encourages restraint in the removal of trees and other vegetation.  Replanting of native vegetation, especially varieties with low water, fertilizer and pesticide usage requirements is recommended. 
This application form (effective April 5, 2016) supersedes all previous Chicahauk Building Application forms. 
Building Application
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