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Beach Crossover Monitors Needed - Can you help?
Posted on June 7, 2024 9:59 AM by Admin
Categories: General
Individuals/teams are needed to help monitor the SSCA's beach accesses/dune crossovers used by those of us living in Chicahauk located from Ocean View Loop north to Porpoise Run during 2024. Monitors visit an assigned beach access/crossover, report safety issues and maintenance needs, pick up debris as needed, and inform the SSCA volunteer coordinator of issues. The estimated time investment is 15-30 minutes a week.
If you can help, just complete the form - and the SSCA Volunteer Coordinator will confirm with you.
They are looking for volunteers that will sign up for the rest of the calendar year. However, if someone just wants to do it for a few weeks or months (here for the summer?), they would appreciate the help.
The following Beach Crossovers do not currently have a monitor. The identification is the Ocean Blvd/Rt. 12 address and starts at Ocean View and goes north. If you use one (or more!) of these crossovers regularly, consider volunteering with the SSCA for this activity. Consider splitting this activity with others that you walk with - dogs not included, sorry!
26A (Ocean View)
60A (Turtle Pond Beach Access)
72A (Unimproved Beach Access from Spindrift)
132A (Clamshell Beach Access)
156a (Porpoise Run)